Alexandra Boelte

From the moment my mother put a pencil in my hand, I knew that creating art was going to be a big part of my life. That does not mean that art always comes easily to me. At times the work just appears as if by magic and other times it is an intense struggle to try to access the creative images from my subconscious.

I have always loved to paint, but recently I found myself fascinated with photography and jewelry. Although my newly found media were a lot of fun, I was worried that I would loose focus. Thankfully this did not happen. I now recognize that my work in all media, has common themes and feelings. I like to create movement, flow, emotion and tension. Color and color combinations play a very important role for me and I tend to use warm tones far more frequently than cool tones. I like organic forms and textures and I like to see beauty in things that are overlooked like a leaf, a rock, some sand or even dirt. I remember filling my pockets with rocks in the summer and leaves in the fall when I was very young. I just couldn't resit.

My graphic design background influences my work, but for the most part, instinct dictates color and placement of shapes. I want the viewer to be pulled into my work and feel something, whether it is joyful or sad. Instead of showing the viewer something new, my goal is to show the ordinary in a different light. For me, that experience slows down my day for just a moment and gives me a new appreciation. Art is about that moment.
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