Location: Denmark


Bricks without mortar

Organisation- in-the-mind is what the individual perceives in his or her head of how activities and relations are organized, structured and connected internally. It is a model internal to oneself, part of one’s inner world, relying upon the inner experiences of my interactions, relations and the activities I engage in, which gives rise to images, emotions, values, and responses in me, which may consequently be influencing my own management and leadership, positively or adversely… (Hutton, Balzagette and Read, 1997).

In 1911 "Der Blaue Reiter” was founded in Munich by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. Today 100 years later organisations have relatively open boundaries, equal to what psychology-of-organisation experts James Krantz and Larry Gould has characterized by the metaphore: ”bricks without mortar”. Krantz og Gould argue, that dysfunctional, paranoid-skizoide cultures hinder individual and groups capacity to creat consistency betwen organisation-in-the-mind and organisation-in-reality.

Bracciano lake “Bracciano lake”

In September Bracciano lake is quit green.

Rain CPH “Rain CPH”

That summer it rained like it have not rained before in thousand years.