Marja-liisa Aalto-annala

Marja-Liisa Aalto-Annala

Location: Finland

Living and working in Loviisa, Finland, Marja-Liisa Aalto-Annala studied at the Institute of Art and Design, Helsinki (1958-62). In the summer of 1960 she participated in a course taught by Oskar Kokoschka at International Summer Academy, Festung Hohensalzburg, in Austria, where her work was recognized with the 2nd Place Kokoschka Prize. After her graduation and prior to her long career as an Art Teacher Aalto-Annala continued her development at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, as well as in the Academie Julian, in Paris.

For Marja-Liisa the line and it’s rhythm are important, energy and movement in general. In her work she transmits harmony, balance and peacefulness. Amongst her most used media are woodcut, charcoal, oil paint, pastels and collage.

She has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions both in Finland and abroad and is featured in various international art publications.


Letters from Africa

‘I have always found fine primitive African art inspiring, and in recent years I’ve been particularly fascinated with traditional textiles. Some forms and configurations in these paintings have semiotic connotations related to the ornamentation and symbolism of these fabrics’.

Black river “Black river”

Oil on canvas, 75x105cm, 2012

Night flowers “Night flowers”

Oil on canvas, 80x110cm, 2013

Longing “Longing”

Oil on canvas, 45x46cm, 2011

Oil “Oil”

Oil on canvas, 100x115cm, 2012

Humility and dignity “Humility and dignity”

Oil on canvas, 52x50cm, 2012

Young apis “Young apis”

Oil on canvas, 86x105cm, 2011

Domesticated “Domesticated”

Oil on canvas, 85x115cm, 2011

Letters from Africa 1 “Letters from Africa 1”

Oil on canvas, 86x110cm, 2011

Letters from Africa 2 “Letters from Africa 2”

Oil on canvas, 90x115cm, 2011

Night fire “Night fire”

Oil on canvas, 75x80cm, 2014

Old story “Old story”

Oil on canvas, 72x84cm, 2014

Farm yard “Farm yard”

Oil on canvas, 80x110cm, 2012

Festive mask 1 “Festive mask 1”

Mixed techniques, 44x37cm, 2015

Festive mask 2 “Festive mask 2”

Oil on canvas, 44x42cm, 2016

Encounter “Encounter”

Oil on canvas, 100x115cm, 2012

Letters from Africa 3 “Letters from Africa 3”

Oil on canvas, 80x115cm, 2012

Pink letters “Pink letters”

Oil on canvas, 100x115cm, 2013