Rumi Sakamoto


Location: Japan

Born in 1953. As Sakamoto has continued to create embroidered artwork in the style learned from her teacher, she has become filled with a powerful yearning for salvation and world peace, and is now active as an embroidery artist who creates ideological pieces under the wish to express this desire to as many people as possible through her works. Sakamoto calls her pieces sosaku shishu (ideological embroidery).



Untainted Purity - The World from Now On “Untainted Purity - The World from Now On”

Sosaku shishu (ideological embroidery)
61×45 in. or 154×115cm

Sara- One Moment and Eternity “Sara- One Moment and Eternity”

Sosaku shishu (ideological embroidery)
54×33 in. or 138×85cm