Ivan Filipchyk

Ivan Filipchyk, 24 years old, was born in Belarus, small country in the Eastern Europe. He began to study music and visual arts at the local Art school in his hometown. Thereafter he continued his music education in college, majoring as an accordionist. After the graduation from Gnesin Academy of music in Moscow in 2015 he moved to USA, New York. Now Ivan continues his music career actively combining it with visual art.


Oil paintings

Theater “Theater”

Oil painting. 24X36"

Burletta “Burletta”

Oil painting. 28X60"

chamber symphony “chamber symphony”

oil painting 36X24"

Night “Night”

Oil on canvas. 24X48"

Winter landscape “Winter landscape”

oil on canvas, 18X24"

Winter night “Winter night”

Oil on canvas, 24X18"

Ode to a nightingale “Ode to a nightingale”

oil on canvas, 24X36"

Prelude in D “Prelude in D”

Oil on canvas, 16X20"

Prelude in F “Prelude in F”

Oil on canvas, 24X36

Prelude in b-flat “Prelude in b-flat”

Oil on canvas, 18X24"

Morning mist “Morning mist”

oil on canvas panel, 16X24"

Early spring in the garden “Early spring in the garden”

oil on cardboard, 12X16"

Danko “Danko”

oil on cardboard, 12X16"

Autumnal prelude “Autumnal prelude”

oil on canvas panel, 13X18"

a seascape “a seascape”

oil on canvas, 16X20"

A girl on the swing “A girl on the swing”

oil on canvas, 30X48"

after the play “after the play”

oil on canvas, 18X24"