Ali Hammoud

Ali is a Lebanese-British painter born in Beirut, Lebanon. His works deals with contemporary, figurative imagery executed with spontaneous and vigorous handling of the paint. He is inspired by his own experiences in life, his old memories and his love for art of the old masters. He creates forms, colours and textures based on childhood experiences which reflect and refract the mythological, philosophical, and emotional worlds of which he grew up in. Ali has created a new land where colours and water create new expressions of transitory lines. In his recent works, Ali stresses on the importance of freedom and the need to express oneself in all areas. The artist, canvas, and medium coexist to become one tool used to show reality or escapism. Ali exhibited his work throughout his life in: Uk, Lebanon and the Gulf.


Expressionist work

My art is about me, and my experiences in life. I like traveling, cooking and the middle eastern culture, There I spent most of my life between the Arabian peninsula, Lebanon and the Uk, this sometimes it's reflected in my art.
I love working with oil, but Acrylic is my favourite because it allows me to work faster and on a big scale.

Ezra “Ezra”

Oil on canvas

Space “Space”

Acrylic on canvas
180x200 cm

Wondering “Wondering”

Acrylic on canvas
180 x 200 cm

Despair “Despair”

Oil on canvas,
22" x 27" in

Paradise “Paradise”

Acrylic on canvas,
120 x180 cm

Resting “Resting”

Oil on canvas,
65 x 50 cm

Venus “Venus”

Mixed media on paper,
70 x 100 cm