Ravi Anand

Ravi Anand was born in Dehradun, India, and grew up in Calcutta (now called Kolkata) and learned a lot about art and photography through osmosis as his family surrounded itself with artists. He learned the basics of photography from his first teacher Prokas Das, a master photographer and an acclaimed portrait artist in India. Incidentally, Roy also bought him and trained him on his first ‘real’ camera, which was a Yashicaflex 635, a twin-lens reflex camera that shot both 6mmx6mm and 35mm through the use of an adapter.

After traveling and working in Europe for many years he returned to the US and after a six year stint in Houston, Texas, where he practiced and taught architectural design, he decided to move to his favorite City, San Francisco which has been home to his wife and daughter.

He continues to practice architecture as well as maintains a passion for photography taking time off several times a year devoted simply to engaging in the art. His work has been published in photographic magazines and shown in many art galleries in the US and Mexico


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