Thomas Joerger

As a child and a young man, I observed and assisted my father (architect) in numerous and varied design and renovation projects. Working on old homes, I learned to work with stone, wood, iron and a variety of other building materials. My slogan was "learning by doing," and my life was completely filled with artistic quest.

1983+87 in Southern France I developed my first stonework out of sandstone and shelly limestone. The marvelously clear light and the colors of the landscape inspired me to paint numerous images. I learned to manufacture frames and stretch the linens.

1983-90 I traveled one year throughout the countries of South America I spent nearly two years traveling around the world solo. I dedicated much of my time to a travel book, painting approx. 100 images (Diptychons, one side expressive and the other realistic).

1984-87 I did coursework at the college of arts and crafts Zurich (“Science of Colors,” Johannes Itten).

Since 2003 Div. Solo- & Groupexhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.

Sales in collections: Switzerland , Germany, Italy, France and USA



Fish meets old buggy