Gova - Sieglinde Gottschalk - Vahldieck

GoVa - Sieglinde Gottschalk - Vahldieck

Location: Germany

GoVa began painting with oil on canvas at the age of ten and had her first exhibition in 1961 at the Officers Club of the American Forces in Würzburg, where she was employed as an Arts and Craft Instructor. 1988 she came the USA, 2007 she settled in Port St. Lucie. GoVa returns to Germany every summer to paint and exhibit her work in Europe. She studied fine art and at the College of Fine-Art in Würzburg, and continued under Professor Lajos Sebök in Düsseldorf, Germany, where she learned the unique Oil-Lasur technique.

GoVa’s work is influenced by the beauty of the world, dreams, emotion, and her strong faith in Jesus Christ. She paints from her heart with positive feeling and rich color; there is no place for negativity or sadness in her work. GoVa shows her artwork in many European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Belgian, Spain) the USA and Japan, where her paintings are included in a large number of private and public collections.