Sergio Milani

Sergio Milani

Location: Italy

He learned in the paternal shop the first notions about woodworking, practicing and acquiring the various techniques of material processing, graduating in the field of art as a teacher and collaborating for over thirty years with the most famous Italian toy industries, conceiving, designing and making prototypes in the industrial design for plastic toy. For the last fifteen years he has been focusing on what has always been his passion, thus creating painted wooden art toys. Looking at his old wooden pony, a playmate, he gained the idea of ​​making collecting toys; he chose "whim" accompanied by the image of a pony as a logo of his artistic production, these are small and charming wooden horses, modeled and decorated by hand as in the past.
Currently there are six pony lines of 24cm and five in the Baby group, with dimensions within 15cm, dimensions designed to be easily placed in the furnishings.

Educational-Educational Toys.
My works are the result of the union of the two most important workings of my life. My idea has always been to raise the artistic level of simple wooden toys by making pigeons in the most varied forms, decorated with watercolor technique and intriguing in figuratively defined and personalized educational themes.
In an artistic field, I think of a very interesting and original theme as it is presented in the most varied forms.
Each line: a name is given, an anatomical shape of the pony is studied, whether it is mounted on a rocking or on a wheel, a decorative theme is chosen as a conducting wire, yet it allows to make different interpretations, thus creating all unique pieces; Each opera therefore differs for a fanciful interpretation of ornate and fantastic visions, expressing nature in its most varied forms, enlivening with simple games the memory of an enchanted world that can hardly be revived today.
In addition to increasing brightness and color richness, all works are now finished with gold leaf 24 Kt. At work finished, each work is numbered according to the year of production and progressive number, initialed with the initials of the artist, sealed with logo in lacquer wax, accompanied by a production certificate with photo and statement that the decoration is unique and will never be repeated.

SERGIO MILANI- a sophisticated pictorial composition.
The imagination and the innate creativity of a child combined with the artistic wisdom and mastery of the artist. This is Sergio Milani, an artist-sculptor remembering infantile memories of his soul, thanks to his paternal influence, and for this author of unique and singular works of his kind translated into a toy-shaped art form , one of the most desirable and useful objects in the child's playful world. Playing with it, he can explore and admire by flying infinite imaginations of landscapes, places, objects and shapes of different nature, in his countless decorative and coloristic compositional versions that follow different themes. This artisan masterpiece, ancient but still present, is cared for by the artist in every detail and is meticulously personalized by him in both the form and the subject represented. Thus, the artist's hand and inventiveness take on different production lines with different types of media, but all carefully carved and finished, as evidenced by the use of the golden leaf that makes his horses not just toys but real exclusive art objects. This passion for the world of children combined with its expertise involved and involved the artist in other areas that concern artistic proposals for children, first of all in toys composition and design and in the challenging role of game designers the industry since the '70s where its ability and its lucid imagination is measured and productive but is always aimed at realizing the children's dreams.
Dreams that take the rainbow colors and sparks of stars, blended together with the colors of the sky, give back to those who see and buy for themselves or for others a magical moment of refined pictorial composition.
Easter dott.ssa Enrica critical and art historian.


"whim" luxuy art toy

Toys of art, made of wood and colored with watercolor miniatures and finished with gold leaf 22Kt.

Money Box 2017-36 Pinocchio “Money Box 2017-36 Pinocchio”

Artist Sergio Milani ......... designed, built and painted in Italy - size in 7,8 x 8,2 x 3,5 .... Weight lb 0,66
The Money Box line horses are made entirely of wood, the rocking base is of precious wood and serves From a container with a porthole to inspect the interior, a plug opens a sliding door at the bottom Of the container; The horse is prepared for decoration with a white wood background.
The decorative theme dedicated to this line is, "The Fables", with two different scenes, one by one.
The decoration is made with the variously diluted watercolor and swab, the mane and tail are finished with 22kt gold leaf.
The work is accompanied by a certificate of authentication with photos, catalog number, unique work statement and signature of the artist.

Dely 2017-01 “Dely 2017-01”

Artist Sergio Milani, designed, built and painted in Italy
Dimensions size 8.2 x 8.2 x 2.9 weight lb 1,1
The DELY gallery features swinging horses, made entirely of wood with manual workmanship, the rocking baskets are of precious wood in sight, the pony is made of multilayer wood and prepared for painting with a specific white background.
The decorative theme is "Chromatic Geometries" it is presented with two different images one by one, made with decorative watercolor and swab and finishes in gold leaf 22Kt.
Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with the autograph signature of the artist.

Bay Ornato 2016-56 “Bay Ornato 2016-56”

Artist Sergio Milani ......... designed, built and painted in Italy - dimensions size in 6,2 x 5,5 x 2,3 .... Weight lb 0,30
The horse of the Baby Line Ornate and mounted on bascule rocking fine wood, the decorative theme is "the decorations in art history", interpretations of ornate, with frescoes, gates, frames, carvings that are present in villas, monuments and furnishings ancients. On both sides there is the same pattern with different color rendition.
The decoration is made with watercolors on white background. The mane and tail are covered with gold foil 22kt.
E 'it equipped with a certificate of authenticity with photo. catalog number, declaration of a unique work and artist's signature.

 Baby Jouet  2017-42 “ Baby Jouet 2017-42”

Artist Sergio Milani ......... designed, built and painted in Italy - dimensions size in 5,5 x 5,5 x 2,5 .... Weight lb 0,30
The horse of the Baby Jouet line is built in wood, is mounted on fine wood wheels, the decorative theme is "Compositions of" toys, there are two different compositions, one hand with baby toys, toy girl from the other side, The decoration it is made with watercolor technique and pad finished in gold leaf 22 kt
The work is equipped with a certificate of authenticity with photos, catalog number, declaration of a unique work and artist's signature.
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Baby Lovely 2017-01 “Baby Lovely 2017-01”

Artist Sergio Milani, designed, built and painted in Italy, dimensions size in 6,1 x 5,7 x 2,3 weight lb 4,9
The "Baby Lovely" line horses, built and finished with manual machining, are mounted on precious wood swing baseboards.
The decorative theme is "flowers and butterflies" with two images per side having the same design but different color development.
The decorative technique is as per tradition watercolor and swab with 22Kt gold leaf finish.
The work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist