Chuka Machie

Chuka Machie

Location: Nigeria

I am a self taught artist from eastern part of Nigeria. I was born on the 18th of June 1971 in the commercial city of Onitsha in Nigeria. I grew up as a child in the big cities of Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu all in Nigeria.

I started painting in watercolor but lately I now work mostly in acrylic on canvas. I have being a full time practicing professional artist for about fifteen years now. At the early stage of my art practice I painted mostly in contemporary African style before establishing my cliché in landscape and figure done exclusively in acrylic on canvas.

I have had my artworks exhibited in a juried group exhibition ‘life in my city’ in the city of Enugu organized by Alliance Francise in May 2008, an organization established by the French government in Nigeria. I have also had my paintings exhibited in a group art show tagged ‘Art in mind’ exhibition at the Bricklane gallery in London held on 26th august- 6th September in 2010. In 2011, my painting ‘Sadness and joy’ was selected in a juried art exhibition and featured in the group art exhibition ‘I have the right’ exhibition, organized by ‘Picture art foundation’ at the California state university, Dominguez Hills, United States, from 16th of November 2011 to late summer of 2012.

My paintings were published in the ‘New Art International’ Volume xii 2007/08 Edition; Page 48-49, published by Book Art Press, Woodstock, New York


My world

This is about the beauty of the Africans in their naturalness and native costume. It is about the beauty of the people's tradition , custom and way of life.

Longing 1 “Longing 1”

An African woman in her traditional costume. It can also represent the story of life, the hope and anxiety attach to life when one anxiously hopes for something.

Longing 3 “Longing 3”

An African woman looking out to the world, hoping and expecting.

The warrior and the princess “The warrior and the princess ”

When one attains to an height of fulfillment and achievement, he becomes hero to so many people who adores and want to associate with one.