Karen Reyne

Karen Reyne

Location: Australia

Recently I opened an online Gallery (Contemporarylinage). I studied at Monash University, where I completed a degree in film. I describe my current art pieces, as being created, using the camera as my paint brush. I have evolved from drawing art to this medium and have found, explored and enjoyed a vast scope to work with. This has allowed my creativity to evolve, in ways not possible working in other forms. The freedom to create and the freedom of creation. This is the motto, through which I base my work on. My Ethos poem is fond to the art of creation & the creation of artistic expressionism.
Moving away from textured based creations I have taken a new direction, creating and working with light based sculptures. Creating and working in this medium is the next step. Utilizing the sculptures Lady in Red and Gentleman Gray-Dient I created the portrait piece ACDC Roadie I up Loaded an image: The image of ACDC Roadie is indented within the two sculptures the natural light and surrounding colours on the day both encapsulate and highlight the indented reflection to create a unique piece.


ACDC Roadie 19777 TNT Tour

This is a portrait piece created through two glass sculptures: The image is reflected within the two sculptures: The Lady in Red & Gentleman Gray-Dient:
The roadie reflected through these two sculpture stayed with ACDC and became good friends with Bond Scott: He would have joined Scott on Tour in England and stayed on with the band, had the course of events with Bond Scott taken a different turn: Soon after this ACDC Roadie moved on with his life.

The Lady in Red

The Journey:The Lady in Red sculpture captures & reflects the infinite and finite aspects of the feminine and the infinite perspectives of sight. Different locations position the lady in Red sculpture to capture natural sea scape and bush lands with still water: The different locals provide the subject of feminine with multiple reflections & directs to the possibility of an infinite and unconstructed idea of what is feminine. Positioning the sculpture in these locations reflects the subject of infinite sight with the changing levels of natural light that streams through the sculpture in different positions and locations: