Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller

Location: Australia

Glenn Miller was born in country Queensland, Australia. He is a landscape and figurative oil painter and video artist.

His paintings are held in private, public and corporate art collections, including Perpetual Trustees, Sydney; a large canvas titled 'Christmas Eve', now held in a private collection in Melbourne, formerly hung at the Crown Casino.

He was a semi-finalist in the Doug Moran Natiuonal Portrait Prize 2015 & 2013, a finalist in the Glover Art Prize 2012, a finalist in the Norvill Art Prize 2014 & 2010.

In early 2015, selections of his video art clips were included in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival Digital Art Show.

On leaving art college, he worked for many years as a graphic artist in the printing industry. He was a supporter of and did volunteer illustration and graphic art work for the Antarctic Protection Society.

In 2003, he undertook a trip to the Cania Gorge near the town of Monto, where he was born. Here, he produced many sketches and took a large number of photographs of the narrow corridor of lush growth that had always fascinated him. His exhibition of these landscape works opened to a packed gallery in Sydney the following year.

Glenn paints in solitude, preferring to work in oils on Belgian linen, but now also producing digital photo-manipulations. His figurative works show subtle references to Caravaggio and the old masters, as well as Paul Gauguin and the vibrant works of the modern masters, Willem De Kooning and Banksy; all of whom are greatly admired by the artist and have been very influential in the development of his own style.