Downer expresses his youth and West Indian experience with an artist's hand in vibrant hues that bring the color, cadence and culture of the Caribbean to life. His photographic background, namely his attention to composition and detail, are strong influences in many of his paintings.

Downer has held art exhibitions in the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta in November 1996, JFK Ramada Plaza in New York in July 1997, the Hilton in Los Angeles in July 1998, the Clarion Hotel in Florida July 1999, the Furama Hotel in Los Angeles in June 2000 and in November through December, 2002, the Craftery Gallery sponsored his paintings in a one-man exhibition in Hartford, Connecticut. His work can also be seen in galleries in Barbados and St. Thomas. Several of his paintings are on loan to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where they are used in the rental program.

At home, all available wall space is devoted to his work -- a feast of color. Brilliant tropical greens, parrot reds, cheerful yellows, and warm browns punctuate his work. His goal is to show to the world the colorful people and places of the Caribbean as he sees them. __________________________________________________________