Tage Lundin

Tage Lundin

Location: Sweden

Tage Lundin – the painter.

Lövnäs is a small village at the foot of the mountain. Both me and Tage grow up there.
Our roads in life went very different, he became his home district
faithful and devoted his life for his artist talent, but i did as almoste everyone
else - moved south to make as much money as possible.

Tage capt his origin living, something that for us that moved faded when the years went bye.
His painting became for us a link to the forrest, the lakes, the mountains and our special culture heritage.
Not that long ago our home area was the sami´s and the settlers land,
a land where the people complete lived on natures condition.

A beautiful but not to kind natur that shaped it´s inhabitants to reverence and respect.
It was life´s and often death´s source.

It is those thoughts that comes to me when i get the advantage to see a painting that Tage recently have done.
There is the ability to make our culture heritage alive.
His paintings givs viewer a flash of our sami heritage.

Pär-Arne Fors