Giovanna Magugliani

Giovanna Magugliani

Location: Italy

I was born in Busto Arsizio (Milan) from Greek ancestors, who had migrated to Italy from the village of Magouliana in Arcadia, Peloponnesus, Greece, which my family name was derived from.

I graduated in 1967 at the Liceo Artistico of my town in Fine Arts, followed by a post-graduate diploma in Graphic Design in 1973, at the Academy of Artistic Activities (3A), Milan.

I have worked as an artist and a fine arts teacher in many Countries around the world, including Italy (my native country), Saudi Arabia (as Fine Arts and Craft teacher of the Royal Family in Riyadh from 1986 to 1989), Libya, India and the last eleven years in UAE, where I live and where I have adapted my classical background to fit the local culture and atmosphere.

I have specialized in the “portrait”. An expression in which I try combining the figurative aspect with a deep psychological introspection. In fact, I think that the main task in this type of painting is to overcome the mere physical resemblance, to catch the most intimate aspects of the characters, their interior qualities. Not only the surface of things, but their soul, their intimate beauty.

I have been living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, since 2001.


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