Sedlar Miro

Born in former Czechoslovakia, Miro Sedlar has lived in Zurich, Switzerland, since 1968.
He graduated at the Federal Institute of Technology in Civil Engineering, in Zurich, and worked in the engineering profession all his active life.
After his retirement he was determined to start a career in art.
Since 2006 Miro Sedlar has studied art of acrylic painting at Dazzio Art Experience center in St. Petersburg, at his winter retreat in Florida. Exchange of ideas with other artists helped him to further optimize his talent.
He also attended workshops with well-known artists in Europe, including R. Voka and P. Feichter of Austria.
He is member of ISAP Florida. He has exhibited his works in Switzerland and the U.S.
The basis of his art in his own words: “In colorful abstracts, expressive landscapes and interesting portraits, I have found a new way to express myself”


Sedlar Miro

in the wind “in the wind”

acrylic on canvas 30x24

torro “torro”

acrylic on canvas 28x28

phoenix from the ashes “phoenix from the ashes”

acrylic on canvas 32x32

abstract “abstract”

acrylic on canvas 27,5x27,5

don cesar “don cesar”

acrylic on cartoon 18x24

meadow “meadow”

acrylic on cartoon 22x30

dancer's break “dancer's break”

acrylic on canvas 24x36

race “race”

acrylic on cartoon 28x40