Antoine Xuereb

Antoine Xuereb

Location: Malta

I had an early interest in art from a very young age and I guess that it was always a part of me since my childhood years. When I was a child I always loved to draw and seeing colours was a marvellous experience for me. Later in life I had the opportunity to be taught by some prominent maltese artists. Later I proceeded to take my studies further and started to attend school at the Salvatore Dimech School of Arts and Crafts, Mosta (now known as the MCAST School of Art & Design) where after a three year course I obtained the certificate in graphic design. I also attended for some time at the School of Art & Design in Valletta for a course in interior design. I had took part in several collective exhibitions with the first one that I participated being in the year 1997 with the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce where I had been a member with the same society since then. In November 2010 I had participated in a local art competition & exhibition with one of my paintings named ‘Directions’ where I had won a special distinction award. In 2013, one of my paintings among others was chosen in a competition for a local maltese bank and it's been displayed for some time on a facade for public viewing. I am now studying painting and drawing at the Malta School of Arts in Valletta for a diploma course in fine arts.

When painting and creating my art, I try to make use and experiment with several different media that I could find. I had painted still-life’s, portraits and figurative drawings but I love and find myself more expressive in the abstract form genre.

Being a sensitive person, most of the circumstances and things in life that occurs around me and myself effects me deeply inside, but seeing colours in art on the other side, it gives me a sense of good inner feeling and colours tends to excites me. "When art is part of your life, it can never leaves you alone but it helps you keep on breathing in life".

I am continuously learning and gaining more knowledge in art and consider that art is part of my life.

Antoine Xuereb | 2014


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