Genya Krikova

Genya (born in Moscow in 1985) is an artist, art-shows organizer, gallery assistant and illustrator. She has participated in various art shows all over the world and has organized international group exhibitions in the field of contemporary art. Currently she lives and works in Russia and Europe. From 2014 she is a member of Professional Union of Russian artists.

2010 Courses of modern art "Free workshops", MMOMA, Moscow
2008 Moscow State Textile University, fashion-designer
2007 Geneva University of Art and design, Switzerland, probation period

Art fairs
2016 Setup Bologna, Bologna, Italy
2015 Art Market Budapest, Hungary
2014 Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Art Edition, Seoul, Korea

Group international exhibitions
2015 Art is an asset, Artmeet gallery, Lugano Fund Forum, Switzerland
2013 Onesize art show, ArtspaceSwitzerland gallery, during Art Basel, Switzerland
2013 Xtraordinary fair, Artmeet gallery, Monza, Italy
2013 Artcloud #2, Day one cultural association, Florence, Italy
2012 Modus Operandi, Garage Bonci gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy

Group exhibitions in Moscow (selection)
2015 The Sixth sense, D.E.V.E gallery
2014 Moscow speaks, EKATERINA Foundation
2014 Under lock and key, gallery A3
2014 Under one roof, gumgallery
2013 Art book botanic, on the roof of the Darvin museum
2012 Future elements, A3 gallery?
2011 Luck is an attitude, Martini Art Club, the Red October
2011 Media blow, Artplay gallery
2010 Student Art Fair Moscow, artplay gallery
2010 Personal, East gallery
2010 By contradiction, Winzavod art centre
2009 My love, my friends, MMOMA


Social diary

What had been the diary until XXI century? An intimate book, a notebook, a self-made compilation of the most hidden thoughts, intimate details of the life and frank confessions. Ideas were carefully hidden under the pillows, were locked from prying eyes.
What has become the social network in our time? Perhaps, a kind of social diary, only each user gets a pleasure from collecting many "likes" from viewing his/her own page by other users.