Lucie Harris

I was born in Oxford in 1970 and went to Headington School. I am a painter of people, landscape and still lives. I studied at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1990-1994 and took part in an exchange at the New York Studio School in 1993. I came up to Newcastle in 1995 to do an MA in Fine Art at the University of Northumbria.

I am inspired by the expressionist spirit of northern Europe particularly painters like Emil Nolde, Vincent Van Gogh, Chaim Soutine and Egon Schiele. I love the directness of these artist’s work, their enjoyment of the substance of paint and their visceral response to their subjects. I am inspired by the energy of American artists including Willem De Kooning and Alice Neel. I love De Kooning’s energetic, gestural brush strokes and Neel’s direct, distinctive approach to portraiture. Personally, I enjoy the immediacy and intensity of painting people and having a time limit to capture their humanity and vulnerability.



This portfolio shows a range of portraits of friends and family painted over the years.

Sandy “Sandy”

This is a painting of Sandy.
Size: 30.2 H x 25.5 W x 2 cm (1999)

Warren “Warren”

A portrait of the very talented costume and prop designer Warren Haigh.

Chloe “Chloe”

A portrait of my friend Chloe
Size: 0.72m x 0.72m (1995).

Jim “Jim”

Portrait of Jim Widdup
Oil on board
Size: 0.30m x 0.215m (1997)

Andrew “Andrew ”

Portrait of Andrew Mills
Size: 0.46m x 0.47m Oil on board (2005)

Seymour “Seymour”

This is a portrait of the Foster nominated comedian Seymour Mace.
Size: 76 H x 61 W x 0.1 cm (2015)

Karen “Karen”

Portrait of Karen Underhill.
Size 0.51m x 0.51m Oil on canvas (1997)

Tommy “Tommy”

This is a portrait of a lovely, old man called Tom who I got to know at a life drawing class.
Size: 51 H x 51 W x 2 cm (1997)

Adam “Adam”

This is a portrait of my first boyfriend Adam holding a lemon.

Shaun “Shaun”

Portrait of Shaun.(1994)

Matthew “Matthew”

Portrait of my brother Matthew.(1990)

Rita “Rita”

Portrait of my lovely friend Rita (1997)

Lizzie “Lizzie”

Portrait of school friend Lizzie.
Size:0.28 m x 0.25 m

Lizzie “Lizzie”

Portrait of Lizzie.

Debs “Debs”

Portriat of Debs
Size 0.47m x 0.47m

Sam “Sam”

Portrait of Sam
Size 0.47m x 0.47m