Magdalena Kaczmarczyk

Magdalena Kaczmarczyk

Location: Belgium

I was born on february 11, 1984 in Poland.I grew up in the
countryside. After 8 years of elementary school I decided
to go to the Private Salesian High School in Czarny
Dunajec. After finishing my high school in 2003 I went to
Belgium, where I began the study ar Royal Academy Of Fine
Arts in Antwerp. I did four years, specialization in
Recently I am busy to create work which is graphic and
photography in one.
thanks to this technique, I got freedom of creation.


Who is Magdalena Kaczmarczyk?
She is a budding artist but with ambition and selfconfidence.
She is a Polish artist who lives in Belgium,
studied four years at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in
Antwerp, besides taking photographs, using post
processing softwares, she is a huge lover of classical
Her works are always based on photographs and
processed in ps. The works look mostly like paintings.
Every work of her can be maximum 5 reproduced and is
printed on high quality of photo paper. The size is
mostly 20x30 cm. there is also possible to buy a work
that can be exclusive and never duplicated.
Every work is signed and dated so you are sure that is
unique and original.

2010 march 24-9 april-solo exhibition in the gallery belde
2010 june 25-july 25 group exhibition bachelor in photography
2010 july 21-september 21 group exhibition "linkeroever"
2011 june 6 -june 18 group exhibition master in photography
there is 2012-2014 burn out
2015 february 11-march 13 solo exhibition "selected works 2014 september -march 2015 in the woonzorgcentrum alexianen
2015 april 4-may 5 solo exhibition in the bib boutersem
2015 june 12- july 13 solo exhibition "selected works" in the gallery belde
2015 august 23-september solo exhibition "selected works" in the zorgcentrum alexianen
2015 october 2-4 fotosalon in artosa tienen( group exhibition )
2015 october 29-nivember 9 solo exhibition "selected works magdalena kaczmarczyk" in cultuurcentrum kruisboog in tienen
2015 december group exhibition in BNP paribas fortis bank "flanders contemporary art"