Robin Antar

Robin Antar

Location: Unknown


Realism in Stone

My passion for sculpting is expressed in my creation of the virtual records of contemporary culture. I capture everyday objects in carved stone, using a technique I invented more than 20 years ago.
At the start I mull over the food, article of clothing or particular brand I wish to replicate as historical evidence for future generations. I feel driven to duplication by carving stone of similar color – or purchasing one of neutral tones and staining it to that which I desire.
I ask myself, ‘Will a bottle of Heinz ketchup exist in 2100 CE?’
A jar of Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise is best represented in white travertine, for example, polished to the same glow of the jar I am copying.
And when I see friends scrutinize the carved hat on the table, endless hours of chiseling and sanding, staining and mounting are all worth it.
I’ve achieved my goal when the U.S. government writes to tell me I cannot copyright a work of art because it too closely resembles the product that I chose to record in stone.
The day I received that letter was one of the happiest days of my life.

Loafer “Loafer”

a casting of a stone carving, same size as the real deal. 3"h X 10"w X 3"d

Boot in Motion “Boot in Motion”

carved limestone and stained with custom made stains

boxing gloves “boxing gloves”

carved out of Carrara marble

Cowboy Hat “Cowboy Hat”

carved out of limestone

Heinz Ketchup “Heinz Ketchup”

carved out of red travertine, 24 inches high

Deisel Jean Jacket “Deisel Jean Jacket”

carved out of limestone and stained with oil stains. 27"h X 23"w X 6"d

m and m bag “m and m bag”

bag- carved marble, 30"high

Milano Cookies “Milano Cookies”

bag carved out of stone, cookies cast resin, same size as the real deal

cowboy boot “cowboy boot”

carved stone and stained with brown stain, same size as the real deal

Soda Can “Soda Can”

carved marble 19"h X 11"w X 10"d

Work Boot “Work Boot”

carved limestone, 6.5"h X 11.5"w X 4.5"d

scotch “scotch”

carved out of solid block of stone

Mustard “Mustard”

carved out of a block of stone