Location: China

Alain ROUSSEAU (born in 1945)
1961-1964 Belgium Saint-Luc - Bachelor of Arts, architecture, drawing and painting.
1964-1968 Belgium Higher Institute of Media and Public Relations. Master degree in communications.
2001 – 2002 Schooling in Strasbourg with the French painter Pascal Antony former student of Paolo Conti, famous Italian painter of Academia di Bella arti of Florence (Italy).
French artist living in China he paint the living beings to experience feelings and emotions. He focuses on the psychology of the subject in bright colors; his style the "chromobscur" uses a dark and non-figurative background, inspired by Spanish and Flemish painters of the 16th. The subject itself is composed of dazzling colors, even violent, with energetic brush strokes recalling the ways of Impressionism and Cubism to shake up conventions.
His recent exhibitions: Chengdu (China), Paris (France), Miami and New-York (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium).Dubaï (U.A.E) Roma (Italy)


Chromobscur paintings

What the chromobscur?
This is the name I gave to my painting because it refers to the chiaroscuro technique well known by the painters of the 17th century in Europe but also to bright and rich colors that flood my paintings and so the light without resorting to chromatic techniques of impressionism.