Marion Wunderlich

Marion Wunderlich

Location: Germany

Personal Information

First Name / Surname
Marion Wunderlich
Nördliche Auffahrtsallee 47, 80638 München
+49 89 17959978
+49 1728443619
Date Of Birth


December 2004
First Exhibition
Marion Wunderlich - Collagen
Christine Zillich - Malerei
Christa Filser - Fotoarbeiten
Munich, Germany

July 2011
Second Exhibition
Marion Wunderlich - Installation
Renate Schrems - Schmuck
Sevigne, Promenade Platz, Munich

September 2011
Third Exhibition
Marion Wunderlich - Installation
Tegernseer Kunstausstellung
Altes Schalthaus Tegernsee

November 2015
Fourth Exhibition
Marion Wunderlich - „Once Upon A Jewel“
15 Pieces finalized for next showing


Once Upon A Jewel

My name is Marion Wunderlich, I live and work in my home town Munich, Germany. I worked in interior design and fashion and designed and created a number of houses, before developing my skills as an artist to create eye catching pieces which often tell a story and create a dialogue for the spectator.
My strong affinity to metal allows me to dip into the multifaceted working process of metallurgy in one of the oldest foundries in Munich. The beauty, the value and the archaic way of melting and casting the alloys - bronze, copper and aluminium - gave me the impulse to analyse the quality of the metals and bring it's magnificence into my specific art forms. I create authentic and symbolic work with strong, powerful colours and the use of glossy effects.
“Once upon a jewel” is my newest exhibition. 15 eye-catching pieces contain the basic idea and red thread of my presentation, which is grounded by the modulation of carefully chosen very small pieces of jewellery into the new dimension of space and wall jewellery. Throughout the exhibition the observer is confronted with the idea of translating objects which we understand in one format into a new dialogue, as they are no longer recognised as what we would perceive them to be.