Carol Hamman

Carol Hamman
My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues conveyed in an almost sarcastic and satirical and humerous way. As a person I struggle with injustice in any form and my artwork has become a therapeutic tool for me to work through these issues.
In my work I deconstruct that which bothers me and then make a critical comment, using fairytales, wordplay, nursery rhymes, illustration and icons, in the hope that I will be able to create some sort of resonance be it positive or negative in whoever engages in the work. I try to use familiar visual images and arrange them into conceptually layered pieces.
I have worked in ceramics and wood, but prefer to work in bronze. I like the permanence and durability of it. I am keenly aware of its durability in time, and try to use a universal subject matter rather than a topical one which will date quickly.
I don’t have a specific style that I use but rather use a style that is suitable to the subject matter at hand. My sculptures are all completely different, but put together as a body of work, I would like to believe that they tend to complement each other.


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