Tashi Khan

I was born into a family where art and culture were important and had been important for generations. I imbibed an early appreciation of the arts from her immediate environment from as far back as i can remember. Poets and artists came and stayed for long periods doing family portraits and art. I remembers watching spellbound as they worked with brushes, knives and pallets. My parents recognised my interest and inclination and encouraged me to paint. I have not looked back.

Art, design, interiors, skin and beauty therapy. Press releases and reviewing films, galleries, events and creating blogs.

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Expanded Biography:
She recalls: "I did participate in a show in Olympia where I was commissioned to do art work for individuals;
I also finished an assignment while working for an upcoming
exhibition. Unfortunately I fractured my ankle six years ago whilst on the way to work, which slowed down my targets
but I continued to paint portraits, caricatures, murals for homes,
until it dawned on me that it was time for me to do my own exhibition and my own art instead of doing for individuals and companies.

I am fussy and selective in terms of where and what pieces and places so I select specific places and books to display my art.
I idealise Picasso and the best of my abstract art is still to come.

My statement

My work is a dialogue in contemporary times, a narrative that resonates a sense of precariousness that has come to signify our times. If anything, it challenges the sense of the immovable, the permanent. It embraces vulnerability & fragility. The focus shifts from the changes that are observable & felt to those that are often unacknowledged & immutable, a sense that the beliefs & certainties that defined our world have changed irrevocably.

Yet it is not a lament. It is an invitation to look at the poignant or the momentous & seek ordinary pleasures. To honour transience, reflecting on the everyday moments that it depicts, to look remember & to serve as a reminder that new forms always emerge & refresh what seems momentary or constant.


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