Rui Wan

Rui Wan

Location: China

Rui Wan (signs her name Rays.W)

Rui is an independent artist, painter. She graduated from the MA Fine Art course from the University of Arts London.

Rui Wan’s 3 series printmaking artwork was selected and shown in Autumn Saloon in Paris in 2015. Her mixed media art work “Beyond” was invited by
Art meet gallery to shown in Milan art exhibition for the international export meeting in 2015 as well.

Rui Wan's oil and mixed media artwork "Fusion" was selected to take part in the art exhibition in paris for the 50 year diplomatic relationship between France and China. in the Louvre Palace Museum in Paris in 2014, and her work was nominated as excellence in international exhibition hall.

She was one of the 40 artists in London to be selected to take part in the very first Raw Artist London show case in 2013, and is now a member of this "Natural Born Artist" community which was set up in America.

Her first solo show Rui Wan New Media Art with 60 oil paintings and one animation artwork was successfully held in Hainan Provincial Museum in China in 2011. It received outstanding reviews.

Rui Wan is proficient in many forms of painting such as oils, water colour, ink and printmaking. She uses different media in terms of painting, sculpture, and animation in both a creative and professional way. Her art is capable of being evaluated from many points of view in terms of decoding the subject matter and style. The selected media will influence the message. Her paintings have been collected by a provincial museum in China, a publishing company, and also by some private art collectors around the world.
She lived on Hainan Island for many years and has traveled around more than 45 countries. Her rich and special life experience has lent her art both diversity and a uniquely complex style which mixes Western and Eastern cultural influences. She is developing a special insight into both contemporary and traditional cultures, and blending these with her own life experiences. All the art exhibitions she has experienced continually make her critically reflect and ask what is contemporary art, and why and how can she contribute to this area as an artist.


Soul of the City

My portfoilo is entitled ‘Beyond-Soul of the city’ as I am concerned to look into the future at potential scenarios and conflicts between human beings and their urban and natural environment. The inner fusion, spirit and the related influence.My art is capable of being evaluated from many points of view in terms of decoding the subject matter and style. And the selected media will influence the message.

I am particularly interested in using oil painting, sculpture, and mixed media to demonstrate my ideas in both a rational and emotional way.

cubic city 2 “cubic city 2”

oil painting(60cmx80cm)

the free spirit “the free spirit”

Water colour (60cmx80cm)

aggressive “aggressive”

mixed media(130cmx130cm,oil and ceramic)

woman on the chair “woman on the chair”

oil painting (80cmx60cm)

another me “another me”

oil painting (60cmx80cm)

not in the office “not in the office”

oil painting (60cmx80cm)

fusion “fusion”

mixed media( oil and ceramic, 130cmx190cm))

fly “fly”

oil painting (100cmx130cm)

life stream “life stream”

mixed media(0il and rice paper collage, 100cmx80cm)

soul of the city “soul of the city”

oil painting (80cmx60cm)

new life “new life”

mixed media (oil painting and ceramic)