Giulia Contessa

Giulia Contessa

Location: Italy

Painter and designer, born in Rome on 11/26/1971.
I always cultivate a passion for shapes and colors, and for the History of Art.
I prefer to represent emotions through the study of the "look" that is always central in my paintings, mainly of women, persons with whom I feel I can convey my feelings to the world around me and the feelings aroused in me.
In 2015 the beginning of a path to all the professional effects and I take part in various events:
- May 2015 selected for Romart, first Biennale for Art and Culture in Rome
- May 2015 Collective Art Odyssey IV edition
- June 2015 finalist for the award Grifio Art Prize 2015 competition
- June 2015 group exhibition at Milan Galli Foundation
- August - September 2015 finalist in the collective "Lago d'Orta - Lake Art"
- October 2015 group exhibition at Laborart Association in Piedimulera
- October 2015 Collective Art in the Gallery at Flyer Art Gallery Rome
- October 2015 Donkey Art Prize Prize III Edition
- November 2015 finalist Competition Buenos Aires in Milan 2015 competition
- December - January 2015 collective "Judith" in Villa Baruchello Porto Sant'Elpidio
- December 2015 4 Colors Joyful Christmas Special Edition 2015 at Flyer Art Gallery Rome
In 2016, shortly
- 1 March to 31 March Mediterran Art Grand Tour in Malaga at Galería Javier Roman and Casablanca
- March shows "Judith" in Turin
- Group exhibition "Artemisia" in Piedimulera
- Art Expo Genoa in June 2016 at Satura Art Gallery assoc. cultural

In progress

Prize Gambino 2015
The prize Square 2015
Marchionni award

permanent exhibition at

- Flyer Art Gallery Rome
- OnArt Gallery Florence