Paula Faraco

Paula Faraco

Location: Brazil

My first camera was an old Canon. My father gave it to me when I was 15 and I remember it changed my world.

After I got my Bachelor degree in Rio, I followed my instincts and moved to Berlin. I needed to see new places, new people and craved for adventures.
Photography was more like a hobby for me back then. Even though I knew I wanted to become a photographer I felt I didn’t really had a style.

I decided to study photography and got into Ostkreuz Schule für Fotografie. My goal was to explore as much as I could and make different images than I had done before.

My final project was a Portrait series focused on Brazilian people. I was interested in photographing what speaks to me, that tells my own story.

I understand now how Berlin changed who I am and how this feeling has been shaping my work. It made me realize that what’s right for me can also change over time.


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