Janet Suarez


Artist Statement

The paintings I create depict abstracted images that explore both formal elements and the materiality of paint. Finding inspiration from both the natural and artificial environments, I focus on the observation of fleeting color and light patterns that are magnified and distorted by using everyday plastic consumer products as a lens to distort my images. The complex layered appearance creates spatial ambiguity that is captured in the form of photographs. These images then become the source material for paintings that seamlessly transition from observational to abstract. It is through these obscured reflections that notions of consumerism and environmentalism are explored. The goal is not to pontificate, rather to create a forum for the viewer to question their relationship with the natural world and the environmental footprint they leave behind.

Below the Surface “Below the Surface”

This painting is an oil on canvas 36" x 36.

Past and Future “Past and Future”

This painting is an oil painting on canvas and is 60" x 48".

Aperture “Aperture”

The artwork is an oil painting on canvas 48" x 48".

Starting to See “Starting to See”

Painted oil on canvas and is 30" x 24.

Nature Interupted “Nature Interupted”

this painting is an oil on canvas and is 36" x 36".