Silvia Schmitt

Silvia Schmitt

Location: Germany

My name is Silvia Schmitt and I love drawing ever since I can remember. My older brother is my role model, I always tried to equal him when he created a new artwork. I practised a lot, actually no day went by without being creative. I am experienced with pen and ink, watercolour, pastel etc., but my favourite soon became figural drawings with pencil and coloured pencil.

Although I always knew my real passion was art, I have worked as an employee for airfreight for five years. I soon noticed that it did not fulfil me, I felt like an empty shell.

Because of that I followed my actual dream, to work as a professional artist. Inspired by several painters I discovered my passion for photorealistic drawings in October 2014. My goal is to capture the soul and beauty of each individual and convey my feelings to other artists and people interested in the arts.


Coloured pencil drawings

Here you can see a range of coloured pencil drawings I have created from October 2014 until today.

Evil Stepmother “Evil Stepmother”

Here you can see a coloured pencil drawing of the actress Cate Blanchett in her role as the evil stepmother (Cinderella, 2015).

Arnold Schwarzenegger “Arnold Schwarzenegger”

This coloured pencil drawing shows the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator)

Steven Schmitt “Steven Schmitt”

This is a coloured pencil portrait I did of my husband Steven Schmitt.

Michael Madsen - Mr. Blonde “Michael Madsen - Mr. Blonde”

This coloured pencil drawing shows the actor Michael Madsen in his role as Mr. Blonde from the movie "Reservoir Dogs".

Mystique - Self-portrait “Mystique - Self-portrait”

Here you can see a coloured pencil drawing showing myself as the comic and movie figure Mystique from X-Men.

Femi Taylor - Oola “Femi Taylor - Oola”

This coloured pencil drawing shows the british dancer and actress Femi Taylor in her role as Oola in the movie "Star Wars - Return of the Jedi".

Neve Campbell - Sidney Prescott “Neve Campbell - Sidney Prescott”

Coloured pencil drawing showing the actress Neve Campbell in her role as Sidney Prescott from the movie Scream.