Olawunmi Banjo

Olawunmi Banjo

Location: Nigeria

Olawunmi was born on the 31st of July, 1985. She studied Entrepreneurship at the Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. She is one of the premium realists with well detailed finishing. Her works capture’s the Ideology that portrays deep, everyday social realities that confronts most societies. She is very significant in her exploration of moods, settings and structural composition. Olawunmi is a self-developed Artist with a strong passion for her career.


My Paintings

Website: www.olbanart.com

Artist Statement:

Art is my passion and it is the medium through which I create my ideas, add value and convey messages to people. I have found surrealism and realism useful in depicting my ideas. This enables people who view my works to grasp the message embedded in each piece. My major medium is Oil on Canvas. Some of my works have textured surfaces which I often achieve through thick layers of Oil paint. After laying the thick layer of oil paint, then blend towards the direction I want with the edge of my pallet knife. The end product gives me a fine-fur-looking texture with tick feel, when the painting is fully dried.

However, I am influenced mostly by things I see, experience and feel. Most of my new body of Artwork takes a mental depiction of the real world and the realities of some facets of life. I mostly talk about the Mind, which is one of the most profound mechanisms for either positive change or total destruction of the globe. Optimistically, the first thing that should be changed in the world is the individual mindset, how he/she perceives his/her self and his environment; then the next person, his society and the world at large.