Location: France

Hervé Bindefeld (Paris) called " Hv "
Website : www.hvphotographe.com
YouTube 5 minutes Movie (Search for " Hv photographer ")

Photographer since the adolescence, a life in 4 stages : photographer, then doctor, then doctor photographer, then " photographer resuscitator of sculptures ".

I take my pictures from street sculptures, element of architecture or element of nature, and realize a work of staging, " to make the inanimate come to life ".

I begin stories, working on the gaze, the visual language, the image and the imagination, proposing " unfinished " works signed by " Hv ".
(in French, Hv is pronounced " HEV = achevé " means finished)


Paris, Deauville, Madrid, Florence, Venise, Bruges, Bruxelles, Monaco, Saint-Pétersbourg, Tel Aviv, Miami, New York, Séoul, Pékin...


Hv hasn't uploaded any images yet. Please check back soon!