Guido Salimbeni

Guido Salimbeni

Location: Italy

Guido Salimbeni is a professional artist and 3D expert based in Florence, producing oil paintings with traditional old master techniques combined with 3D printing technology.
Looking to achieve a stronger sense of contrast and depth in his paintings while keeping the harmony and the artizan feel of traditional art, Guido adds over the brush strokes one more layer of 3D printed artifacts created with 3D modeling tool.

Guido was born in Turin and as a teenager studied painting under the artist Ettore Fico.
He attended the Nemo digital academy school in Florence and several fine art workshops and courses, including “painting in plein air” with Marc Dalessio and “Painting the human figure like the old master” workshop at the Angel School in Florence and “painting portrait in oil” with Adam Markovic in his florentine studio.

He won 2 prizes for the National art show in Alba. He produced two learning videos in collaboration with the De Agostini Editori which illustrates the procedure of painting of Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh. He exhibits in Florence, London and online through his website, the SaatchiOnline marketplace and Rise-Art.



Collection 2015 -2016

Bird Splash Painting “Bird Splash Painting”

Oil on canvas and 3D print - 30 x 40 cm - year 2015 - Private collection

Jacket “Jacket ”

Oil on canvas and 3D print - 30 x 40 cm - private collection