Anna Eva Radicetti

Anna Eva Radicetti

Location: Italy

Self-taught painter born in Italy, Anna Eva likes to think about her art as a colourful geological survey that seems wanting to explore the structure and processes of the earth, revealing its geological layers. She always starts with an acrylic base, a warm colour, usually ocher. From here she begins the execution, colour on colour, layer upon layer. Going beyond what is immediately visible, colours are superimposed also according to their individual consistency; she alternates opaque and bright tones transparent with more solid colours.

In addition to the pigments she likes to play with other mediums, especially the cold wax, in search of a cromaticity that has a thickness and which is at the same time mouldable. On the wax she often traces scratches, marks, which disappear under the successive layers to then re-emerge at the end, in a more or less evident fashion.

Thanks to this technique she is able to achieve golden yellows, deep reds, intense blues, lavish oranges and transparency effects. Anna Eva considers herself an intuitive painter; she starts without having a clear map or destination in mind, painting by overlapping layers, then scraping, emerge chromatic traces and thickness. It is an exploration of colour!