Rudolf Paul Renfer

The artist Rudolf Paul Renfer was born and raised in Lengnau (Bern, Switzerland). After a creative break he began in 2000 to paint again intensely, also participated in exhibitions at home and abroad.
The painting has accompanied him for a lifetime, numerous additional training and study opened him new perspectives. He is currently immersed in a phase in which he deals with both figurative motifs as well as with abstract pictorial spaces. These two orientations he understands to connect in a unique way. He loves the big wide pictorial spaces, the first picture levels are often only minimally indicated, the essential is happening in the background. One recognizes miraculously wide horizons, sophisticated interplay of light, roads or paths that lead into the pictorial space. Topics like a tree, a house or plant motifs are set sparsely. Of particular importance is the human being as much reduced figure in many images. Stele-like sequences of figures tell about the hardship of life, coming and going, the search of the individual for his identity. These processes are of incredible fascination because he formulated nothing but plays with the figurative element and varies it, opening and closing spaces, presenting lone characters in contrast to a number, so that you get a feeling of distress. It reveals one’s own identity, what can the individual do against the crowd? Where does perception begin, that everything is in movement, that we are involved in internal and external circumstances that are not created by ourselves, in which we are maneuvered even if we like it or not.
It is uniquely how his color combinations come to fruition. Whether you look at flowers, plants, landscapes or heaven and earth, you always immerse into color spaces full of magic. He is an artist who found in recent times to a particular form and created something new, playing with perspectives and contents that arouse curiosity and captivate everyone. Also the three-dimensional is keeping him occupied. Idiosyncratic figures with dance-like character or wooden objects finely painted. But he also created object boxes, which seem to tell stories. His talent is multifaceted, visionary and marked by much aesthetics.