Location: Georgia

Erekle Kiparoidze was born on April 1, 1990 in Tbilisi . In 1996 he entered the Georgian Art School. He studied the subjects like art, drawing, painting and the other media. In 2005 he continued the study at the painting College of Shervashidze in Tbilisi, where he regularly participated in different art projects and exhibitions. In 2007 he took national exams and became a student of the National Art Academy of Georgia. During studing at the institute he was interested in the various branches of art media and began studing photography and modern technologies of art. After finishing the Academy he established his own workshop and photostudio - "Art Factory" and he began creating his own, the author's product. In 2013 Erekle opened the private school of visual art. He teaches drawing, painting and modern technologies in his own school of art. He works on a new projects and also often participates in the exhibitions in different galleries and art halls. At the same time he is interested in organizing art exhibitions in Georgia and abroad. His works and installations are often displayed in different halls.

1996 - 2005 Art Studio "CA"
Field of Study:
painting, Drawing, Sculpting.
2005 - 2007 Alexandr Shervashidze's College of Fine Arts
Tbilisi, Georgia.
Field of Study: Fine art
2007 - 2011 Tbilisi State academy of Arts
Field of Study: painting


Erekle Kiparoidze


Untitled “Untitled”

Oil on canvas
110 x 110 cm
For sale: