Stephanie Herault


Location: France

Une passion : la photographie.
Autodidacte, mes premières photos sont nées avec mon fils, il y a 20 ans !!!
Les photos de famille se sont vite transformées en photos de voyages, capturer et partager tous ces instants colorés.
Après toutes ces années de photos ma collaboration avec un photographe professionnel a changé la donne ! Depuis je partage ma vision du monde avec ses merveilleux paysages mais aussi ces personnes prises au détour d'une rue, d'une terrasse en France ou en Europe.
Instants d'émotions ! Laissez-vous transporter !
Embarquement immédiat....pour le voyage..

A passion: photography.
Self-taught, my first pictures were created with my son, 20 years ago !!!
Family photos were quickly transformed into travel photos, capture and share all those colorful moments.
After all these years, working with a professional photographer has changed the game! Since I share my world with its wonderful scenery also these people taken in the street, on a terrace in France or Europe.
Emotional moments! Transport yourself!
Immediate boarding.....for the journey ..


Black and White

I love black and white photo! always timeless.

Nake trees “Nake trees”

Taken in Les Gets

Blossom in the sky “Blossom in the sky”

created with 2 pictures

Millennium Bridge “Millennium Bridge”

Taken in November in a grey day!

Chair “Chair”

Confortable garden chair!

Before the storm “Before the storm”

Taken in Thonon les Bains with a view on Lake Geneva

Terrace “Terrace”

Terrace on a roof! It seems to fly

Messages “Messages”

Words suspended by a thread in Confluences Museum

Transparency “Transparency”

Balcony's transparence for this new building in Lyon Confluences

Bicycles “Bicycles”

Ride a bicycle with a mobile phone and the sunshine! what else?

On the beach “On the beach”

I was sitting on the beach when the couple sat in front of me! I immediately took my camera when I saw the woma posed and the man took his camera.

Fishing port “Fishing port”

Taken in Spain when I visited a friend in Vilanova. Small fishing port close to Barcelona.

Women generation “Women generation”

Taken in Kathmandu Durbar Square

Peanut Seller “Peanut Seller”

Taken in Kathmandu in November during ma travel in Nepal.

Across the river “Across the river”

shot in Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu

On my shoulder! “On my shoulder!”

shot in my first trekking day in Nayapul, Nepal.


After 25 years in Paris, I live with the nature around me. In fact, the mountains!
It is so wonderful :-)

Fishing port “Fishing port”

Taken this week in the part of the Thonon harbour

Heron “Heron”

Pay attention! I watch you.

Spring field “Spring field”

Tulips and tulips and tulips. What else ?

Mountain sunset “Mountain sunset ”

Taken from my balcony!!!

Sunset with photographer “Sunset with photographer”

Photographer like to shot an other photographer! however with a beautiful sunset....

Tree on fire “Tree on fire”

Sunset through the leaves

Blossom “Blossom”

Cherry tree blossom

Open field “Open field”

View to the mediterranean sea in Malta

Anapurna South “Anapurna South”

Taken from Muldhai view

Bhayer Lake “Bhayer Lake”

Up to Bhayer Lake Temple 4600m

Phutung sunset “Phutung sunset”

shot from my room in Phutung suburd of Kathmandu


The city is a mix of architecture,people and art, isn't it ?

Balcony “Balcony”

La sucrière is an Art place in Lyon

Yellow squarish “Yellow squarish”

An other design balcony in the frontage building

Orange line “Orange line”

Follow the orange line!

Cube “Cube”

Cube in front of the Confluences museum makes square where lines begin

Color doors “Color doors”

This picture was taken in Marsaxlokk harbour in Malta. I've found funny the differents colors and the women's names to the doors.

Stairs “Stairs”

Taken in the old city of Valletta. The stair is in a restored area at the beginning of the old city.

Passage Pommeraie “Passage Pommeraie”

Taken in a beautiful and well known Pommeraie passage in Nantes.

Carrousel “Carrousel”

Taken in September when I visited my lovely son in Nantes.

Seller “Seller”

seller in the road in Kathmandu

Cremation “Cremation”

Cremation in Pashupadinath Temple in Kathmandu

Truck “Truck”

Color truck in the street.