Ellen Linde

Ellen Linde

Location: Malta


Ellen Linde Art

Painter, drawer, dancer, henna tattoo artist, dj, model, photographer.
Mostly psychedelic and realistic, a combination of both is often what happens on my papers and canvases. You can order artworks by me on comission.
Facebook & Instagram, youtube: Ellen Linde Art

Psychedelic Selfie “Psychedelic Selfie”

Acrylic Fine Painting on ca size 40x60cm
2015 by Ellen Linde Art

Michael Jackson Immortal “Michael Jackson Immortal”

Acrylic painting from 2014, on 1x1m

Universal Selfie “Universal Selfie”

Selfportrait from 2014
ca 30x50 cm on canvas, acrylic painting and collage
By Ellen Linde Art

Take Me “Take Me”

Drawing on A5/A4 size
pens on thick paper
Ellen Linde Art

Cats “Cats”

A4 size with pens , drawing comission 2016
by Ellen Linde Art