Colorado Artist - Peter Tonella

Sculptor, Bronze Sculpture - Commissioned Art - Corporate and Monumental, Mixed Media, Sketch Artist, Architectural and Graphic Design. Digital Art.


Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Sculpture - Renaissance Style

Lewis and Clark “Lewis and Clark”

Bronze Sculpture: 'Lewis and Clark'
In 1805, explorers Lewis and Clark reported that they found Canada Geese nesting in cottonwood trees along the western banks of the Missouri river. Canada geese are quite willing to accept unusual nesting conditions of many types. Instinctively the geese choose nesting sites that would offer some protection, while isolating themselves from predators. The birds often usurping the nest of Ravens, Owls, and Herons to create a favorable habitat.
The sculpture is a tribute to the long and enduring expedition across North America by two courageous men, Captain Meriwether Lewis and Frontiersman William Clark. Their scientific expedition has expanded the frontiers of all knowledge and their daily journals have become wonderbooks in the literature of exploration, for years to come.

Sculpture Theme: The sculpture depicts a pair of cackling geese nesting in an upland wooded area along a shallow stream. The river bed waters trickle down through the remains of a well rooted cottonwood tree. The geese seek sanctuary from their predators, as they purch themselves on the intertwining branches.

The original sculpture of Lewis and Clark was created in wax, and cast in bronze using the lost wax process. It is beautifully finished with colored patinas and paints. The sculpture has been created for indoor/outdoor fountains or ponds, and has been properly plumbed and comes complete with all necessary brass fittings and PVC adapters, for easy installation.
Limited Edition of 15. Dimensions: Height 30".