Ivanka Kutner


Ivanka Kutner is a painter, printer and sculptor
Graduated at the University of Arts London with BA (Hons)2.1

Member of Hesketh Hubbard Life drawing/painting Society at Mall Galleries London

Past Exhibitions include:

2015 to present gallery Ivanka 12 Heath Street NW3 6TE

2016 Landscape Artist of the Year 2016
2016 Pintar Rapido

2015 Pintar Rapido Old Chelsea Town Hall,

2014 Morley Gallery Inspired by V&A Exhibition 2014

2013 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013,

2013 The Chelsea Art Society 66th Exhibition

2012 Mall Galleries Bite,

2010 Akiiki Gallery

2009,2010, 2011 Cheltenham Open Air Exhibition

2002 Islington Art Exhibition: First prize Winner in the print category

Commissioned for many portraits of people, children and animals and completed 3m x 2.4 mural/painting/ in acrylics
One of the best, and certainly fastest ways of getting an exhibition is doing it yourself and organising your own, however I prefer to make art whether it is painting in any medium making sculptures or doing prints. I love versatility and freedom of expression whether it is realism or abstract. I am just loving doing it. Why do I sell art? I get great pleasure knowing that any my art creation is in someone's home. Money is incidental, it is mainly aiding to create more of art work. I will be making it as long as I am capable. I do not wait to be inspired. I get an idea and get on with it. Inspiration seems to find its way whilst I am working and more than often idea and inspiration merge at the end. All my paintings are dated signed at the back. I sign in front on request especially abstracts.
As an artist I am always in quandary, be one style artist or artist who keeps exploring and expresses through many faces of art. For me there is always the excitement present when staring a new project which may be totally different from the one before. Art has many roads available to be explored and walked on. Why chose just one? There is an artist in everyone of us... just needing to be developed. It makes me happy knowing that when you own my art you own a part of me with it.

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Oil paintings

Original Oil paintings of archival quality

Lazy Dog's Day s “Lazy Dog's Day s”

Original oil painting 1metre x 1 metre on box canvas