Nicola Simpson

Third year student at Blackpool and the Fylde College. Currently studying Fine Art and Professional Practice. Before coming to Blackpool, I gained a Foundation Diploma in Art at the North West Regional College Londonderry.


Meat and Feminism, whats the link?

For this project I began focusing on cow carcass', with the grotesque images of rib cages and bones. As I got more involved, I decided to bring in Feminism with the premise that 'Women are seen as a piece of meat.' With this I began bringing in subtle changes to my work such as adding in female clothes and figures.

Carcass “Carcass”

Acrylic on A2 paper

Carcass 2 “Carcass 2”

Acrylic on A2 paper

Carcass Shirt “Carcass Shirt”

Acrylic on A2 paper. For this, i photocopied a shirt of mine then added different images of meat into the creases to give an abstract view

Carcass Shirt Final Piece “Carcass Shirt Final Piece”

Acrylic and thickening powder on canvas. Same concept as my last piece, photocopied shirt with added meat

Meat against flesh “Meat against flesh”

Acrylic on A2 paper

Are we just meat? “Are we just meat?”

Acrylic on brown paper. For this, I used the outline of a female lying on her side and filled this with carcass meat.

Are we just meat? 2 “Are we just meat? 2”

Acrylic on brown paper. Same premise as the last image.