Bogdana Krusic

Bogdana Krusic

Location: Slovenia


Time & Space

Allegory as a Definition of Time

The basic idea of my work is to focus attention on experiencing individual moments in our life, which shape us and give us meaning. It was from this point of view that I created my vision of the cycle that reflects the four distinct periods within one year. They are experienced through the individual senses that allow us to raise emotional responses.

Regardless of the historical period and social arrangement, our perception of existence even today, in the age of reason, technology and science, remains one of our most profound and fundamental questions.


I created a typography in which letters and numbers are designed in a stylized form of a dancing human body.

Being shaped, letters form words which signify our senses: odor, spectaculum, degustare and audiere (smell, sight, taste and hearing). These words I used to supplement my allegories. Stylized figures represent the modus vivendi of a man: to give names, count, understand, control and manage.