Jenik Cook

My Art is spontaneous and it emerges through my core.
I have learned all the disciplines of art making, but have
wanted to forget all that.
Now I paint or pour, and realize my out-poring energy.
I paint relationships of color, and stand back to look what is pleasing about what I do.

I know my art is the process of my growth.
It is always pointing to improved harmonies, as I look back to the previous work.
I also do Sculpture and Pottery.



Water color onpaper

Playing. “Playing.”

Acrylic on paper

sleeping “sleeping”

water color on paper

Mona “Mona”

acrylic on paper

Rising sun “Rising sun”

acrylic on paper

My Bio “My Bio”

NY Art Magazine

closeness “closeness”

it is acrylic on paper, and it is about human interections.

uncluttered “uncluttered”

This is an acrlic on paper. It is about saying less is more.

aspot of color “aspot of color”

acrylic onpaper. it is making the statement it is.

beauty unnamed. “beauty unnamed.”

acrylic on paper.

mother and child “mother and child”

acrylic on paper

untitled “untitled”

acrylic on paper

Morvat “Morvat”

acrylic on paper

The endless journey “The endless journey”

It water base medea, and it tells the story of our life in this world.

The couple “The couple”

This is a piece done on paper, and the medium is Acrylic.

univrsal Energy “univrsal Energy”

The image is done in acrylic.