Larz Lindqvist

Larz Lindqvist

Location: Sweden

I Have been drawing since I could crawl, painted in oil since I was 12 years, sold the first painting to art collector when I was 13 years old. Had a painting at The Swedish Modern Museum Of Art when i was 15. Sprayed my first wall with graffiti when I was 16 in 1972. I got great reviews when I exhibit 18 years old.
Studied art and went to art school for some years, but see life as my real art school.
Have exhibit durung the years and sold my paintings so they are now spread around the world :) My art are hanging in schools, hospital, churches but mostly at private homes .
I exhibit in New Orleans, London, Fuengirola, Los Angelos, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Umeå, Linköping, Gävle, Borgholm and some other cities in Sweden but mostly over the internet today.
My paintings are about to portray the realities of life with its feelings. Art is a major language and is a vital necessity in a functioning society. Art gives meetings where something happens and that changes something every time and involving the viewer and give birth to reflection, experiences that bring to life and enriches life. Art is a gift to life and humanity and is about feelings and Love. Convinced that love is the essence of life and the closest we can sense
the spirituality, that art often opens windows to.

Hope you will enjoy my art!
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Paintings by Larz Lindqvist

Showing some of my paintings hoping galleries around the world would like them and give me solo exhibitions in large and nice galleries :)
Usually I show my art on Facebook and my homepage.(

Just Marilyn “Just Marilyn”

80 x 100 cm, Charcoal and acrylic on paper

Walking “Walking”

50 x 70 cm. Acrylic on canvas.Try to catch the feeling of friends really walking together as one.
The joy of having real friends means so much.