Roy Cetan Topa Belseth

Roy Cetan Topa Belseth

Location: Norway

I'm a painter who has been painting for several years. When I picked up my brushes again i the spring of 2015, I've had a break from painting for eight years.
From now on, I will be painting "full time".
I'm a selfeducated painter and actually proud of it! :)



My landscape paintings

The Mill “The Mill”

A windmill in Gran Canaria

At the "Gullhomen" island “At the "Gullhomen" island”

Oil on canvas
100 cm X 100 cm.
Painted only with paintingknife, no brushes.
Oilpainting: Talens Cobra artist, water mixable oil colour.

The waterfall at Sarabråten “The waterfall at Sarabråten”

Oil on canvas
80 cm X 100 cm
Painted with paintingknife
Talens Cobra Artist water mixable oil colour.

The waterfall “The waterfall”

Oil on canvas
50 cm X 61 cm
Talens Cobra Study water mixable oilpaint


My animals paintings and drawings


My drawings in pencils, charcoal, chalk and more

Mi grandson - Liam “Mi grandson - Liam”

A drawing of my grandson. Drawn with pencils of various hardness

Rudolf Nilsen - the workingclass poet “Rudolf Nilsen - the workingclass poet”

A drawing of the famous norwegian workingclass poet, who died at the age of 28