David Barkham



The Marikana Massacre occurred in 2012 when armed police opened fire on unarmed miners participating in a wildcat strike. This is a portrait of a man known as Mambush who was a spokesman for the strikers and was gunned down.

Portrait of Esme “Portrait of Esme”

A psychological portrait of a lady haunted by her past

seaman first class John William Coltrane “seaman first class John William Coltrane”

Portrait of the great saxophonist based on an official photo of him enlisting in the navy during WW2

General Ntlemeza “General Ntlemeza”

Government strongman

Eric Dolphy “Eric Dolphy”

Great jazz multireed instrumentalist contemporary of John Coltrane. Exceedingly talented. Died to young.

scoundrel “scoundrel”

portrait of a woman in a storm