Sandrine Langlade

Sandrine Langlade

Location: France

Sandrine Langlade is a French artist from Réunion Island living in the Netherlands. Her exhibitions are worldwide, mainly in Europe (Paris, Berlin, Roma, Barcelona...), the USA (New-York, Miami) and South-America (Bogota, Brazilia, Porto Alegre).

Her “feel-good” pictorial style crosses lyrical abstract art and expressionism. The result is an explosion of bright colors, on a synesthesia.

She gets her inspiration from current life, using her endless creativity to express her day-to-day emotions and sensations. The rest comes from studying, learning, and challenging her work with this core question: « how do I translate what I experiment into positive, dynamic and impactful art pieces? »

In 2018 she was awarded the Leonardo Da Vinci international art prize in Florence and the Tribute to Tiziano prize in Venezia, during the Biennial of Nations.



Pictures about nature & the universe

Expanding Universe “Expanding Universe”

Mixed media on canvas - 100 x 100 cm

Sea star “Sea star ”

Acrylique sur toile, 40 x 50 cm

Effervescence “Effervescence”

Acrylique sur toile
120 x 100 cm

Universe “Universe”

Acrylique sur toile
120 x 100 cm