Cababe, Michael

Born in 1968 in New Jersey, Michael Cababe had no formal training and
is a self-taught artist. He has always seen things differently; he is
colorblind. He eventually studied art at Columbia College, Chicago were he earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Art. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the USA and in Europe and is in many private collections.


Fallen Dreams

Acrylic on Canvas 12"x36"

Goodnight “Goodnight”

Acrylic on Canvas 18"x24"

Cowboy “Cowboy”

Acrylic on Canvas 24"x36"

Sleeping Forrest “Sleeping Forrest”

Acrylic on Canvas 24"x24"

Streching It “Streching It”

Acrylic on Canvas 12"x36"