Ryan Russel Matoguinas

Ryan Russel Matoguinas was born in Manila, Philippines in 1990 and now resides in Bulacan, Philippines. When he was a child, he loved to collect art and paint books. Eventually, that hobby soon bloomed into more than just a passionate hobby as he painted his first painting just last year in January 2015. He researched on how to improve his painting skills through tutorials by an accomplished artist named Len Hend. Ryan also found other websites that also helped improve his painting skills. Being a nature lover, Ryan always loves to paint landscapes and seascapes but he also tries to paint different things that would challenge him. There's one person who always inspired him to paint such beautiful paintings and that would be is fiancé. She is a musician/composer who sends recordings to Ryan and while listening to the her songs, he creates the pictures in his mind and then brings it to life on the canvas.

Due to the shortage of paint supplies and artists in the Philippines, it is difficult to find materials so Ryan must make his own canvases, frames, and gesso. He first researched how to make them online. Here is how he makes canvases; He buys some pre cut wood and must cut it down to desired size and staple the wood to make a frame. Sometimes he must use wood glue along with the staples for extra strength. He then takes raw cloth and stretches it over the frame like a drum and makes sure there is a good bounce on the canvas. As for gesso, he improvises by making his own mixture with 1 part PVA glue, 1 equal part water, then adding some chalk powder (enough to whatever desired consistency) and lastly, titanium white acrylic paint. He still gives his best to improve his paint skills and in being more creative.
"Experince is the best teacher.. So, paint everday and learn from it" - Ryan


"Sky island"

16x20 inches
Acrylic paint on Stretched Canvas
These are for sale.. Send me a message if you guys are interested
Email: ryanrusselmatoguinas@gmail.com